The Right Way to Cook Pasta

Pasta is a dish that can be found on American family tables any time of the week. No special occasion is needed to enjoy a plate of your favorite pasta, and it can be eaten with different types of sauces including red or white savory options. Either way, the best dishes begin with a perfect pasta that is cooked according to a simple recipe.  Having said this, here are 4 great tips that you can use to produce the perfect tasting pasta dish. 

Tip #1. Boil Water – Use the Amount that is in Direct Proportion with the Pasta

If you are cooking pasta for a large family, you need enough water in your pot to make the amount that you desire.  So, you need to measure the total amount of water that you need to cook a pound or two of pasta. For instance, you should boil 5 quarters of water for every pound of pasta that you cook in order for the dish to come out right.  The same is true for other portions based on the pounds of pasta that you are cooking. In short, you will need to consider how many pounds of pasta that you will be preparing before you start the pot boiling. 

While there are many different ways to cook a pot of pasta, you can only get the best results when you go by the right measurements. For instance, some people use less water for a pound of pasta when they are trying to rush to the table with their dish. Even though this may appear to be a good way to cut down on the timing, this is not necessarily the case. Especially, since reducing the water amounts will not speed up the process. Instead, if you want the perfect pasta, you will always need to use the water measurements based on the exact proportions.

Tip #2 – Don’t Salt the Boiling Water Before Putting in the Pasta

Old habits may be difficult to break when you have been taught to sprinkle salt in your boiling water. However, if you want to choose the right way to cook pasta, you should leave it out every time instead. Because most people are watching the amount of salt that they consume on a daily basis, the added salt can be very problematic to some. In fact, since the pasta that you make will already be filled with a certain amount of salt in the sauce, no added salt is really needed.  This is also true for those who like to sprinkle on the extra parmesan cheese and heavily inundated salty sauce on their pasta before it is served. Instead, you need to make sure that you are building in the flavor of the sauce with vegetables like onions, bell peppers and other common vegetables used in the home made sauces that you have created. ‘

Tip #3.  Use Your Timer

You may already know that perfect pasta is not described as a mushy dish that has no specific taste. Usually, this is a description of pasta when it has cooked way too long and it has become water logged. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you have the perfect recipe, you need to make sure that your pasta is always timed by the minutes. The correct cooking time can vary based on the type of pasta that you are preparing and the type of pasta that you are cooking for your dish. For instance, if you are cooking macaroni pasta, it will take a little more time than they think pasta that only takes a few minutes to cook.

Tip #4. Rinse Your Pasta After You Have Cooked it?

After you have cooked your pasta, you need to spend a few minutes or more to rinse the pasta thoroughly. Rinsing your pasta is not needed, however, if you are going to put the pasta on the plate right away to be served. On the other hand, you will need to rinse your pasta when you are serving to the family or friends later on.  Rinsing the pasta off serves at least 2 purposes including the following:

– stops the cooking process

– get rid of the extra starches that’s already loose

– keeps the pasta noodles from sticking together