How Does an AeroPress Coffee Maker Work?

Coffee is an essential morning drink for many people. Fortunately, there are many ways one can prepare it. Many individuals use Drip coffee makers, single-cup brewers, or French press methods for making their espresso. But, a not so popular way, yet very efficient and cost-effective is with AeroPress makers. Keep reading to find out how this method works and why it delivers good taste. You can also watch a video on the complete Aeropress espresso recipe.

What is the AeroPress?

This gadget was invented ten years ago with an engineer and physicist called Alan Adler. Alan discovered that other methods were excellent for making large amounts of coffee, but not one cup. After several years of experimenting, he finally invented this machine that prepares one espresso cup at a time. This gadget surprised Adler with how uncomplicated its operation was. He then developed a fine paper filter used to sieve, therefore, delivering coffee without bitterness or which ends up at the bottom of French press coffee.

How Does it Work?

Its mechanism of action is straightforward. Individual forces water through the beans by using hand pressure. Drip makers usually use gravity to do this, but AeroPress use air pressure which forces water through by pushing the plunger down.

Its chamber is made from tough plastic that is heat resistant. A plunger is fitted on top of this hence forming an airtight seal. A filter cap is placed on the cylinder’s base.

To use this gadget, you start by putting coffee grounds and water into the cylinder, stir then fit its plunger on top. After, you let it brew for seconds, then slowly press this plunger down which forces water through the grounds and filter into the cup.

Advantages of Using AeroPress Makers

There are many reasons why people should consider purchasing this device, including:

·        It’s light and durable- since this gadget comes with no glass which can crack, it even makes an excellent option for travel.

·        Delivers good taste- perfect if someone is interested in tasting different roast and beans. It lets flavors come through distinct and crisp.

·        It’s less fussy compared to other brewing methods- if you use French press makers, for instance, you’ll need burr grinders. No special technique is required with this method, and your result will still be superb.

·       AeroPress Makers are fast- as there’s no steeping or pouring people can make a cup in about 60 seconds.

·        Cleanup is easy- if one is using French press makers, they’ll scoop out all these grounds when washing, but with an AeroPress, you just press out grounds into your trash. Then, rinse it when you’re done.

·        It’s cost-effective- an AeroPress gear costs about $25 that includes one year supply of filters.

Evidently, these makers have significant advantages. However, they’re not suitable for a group of people who make much coffee because they only make one or two cups at a time. Plus, their make isn’t that pretty.

Where to Buy AeroPress Makers

You can simply find one online or in local coffee shops. It comes with other several accessories which might look complicated at first, but they’re pretty simple. When you buy one, you get:

·        An AeroPress

·        Filters

·        A cap

·        Coffee Scoop Measure

·        Funnel

·        Paddle for stirring

·        Plunger

Don’t worry, it comes with a manual on how you’ll assemble all these things. There are also other accessories individuals should get if they want to make great coffee, like, fresh beans which are must-haves, gooseneck kettle too although this is optional. We recommend that you buy beans that have been roasted at most two or three weeks ago.

Who Should Consider Buying One?

These makers are suitable for everyday brewing. Anyone who wants a good cup of espresso should consider getting one. Its compact size and brew method make it an excellent choice to use daily. It’ll be suitable for people who travel frequently, as well as those on tight budgets.

How Do You Clean This Machine?

Cleaning this device is extremely easy. Remember to clean it promptly after use. Once your coffee is ready, immediately remove the plunger to avoid squishing. Here are the cleaning steps an individual should use:

·        Remove the plunger from this device’s brewing chamber

·        Remove filters and dump grounds out of its brewing chamber

·        Wash metal filters, if someone is using paper ones, they should discard them

·        Rinse off accessories with hot water

·        Allow everything to dry

After some time, clean off any oils or minerals that accumulate on the press, brew chamber, and metal filter. Soak all these three parts in white vinegar, then hot water for an hour. After, rinse them thoroughly.

Final Thoughts

An AeroPress is an impressive gadget. But when using it, be mindful about water temperature. Boiling water will make your drink bitter. We recommend that individuals use water that’s hot but not boiling. You should boil water and let it cool for 1 minute before using. Then again, people should only use quality beans.